Importance Of Appearances In Frankenstein

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People never take the time to get to know someone, they always judge by appearances. In the novel, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly, rejection, and alienation are clearly exposed throughout many characters, especially throughout Frankenstein's creature. The creature is alienated from a society based on the fact that he is different. People in today's society, as in Frankenstein’s, are still first judged based on their appearances and not on their desire to do well to others. Children at school get bullied, teased, and isolated because of their physical appearance. Even babies have been abandoned because they are born with physical defects. This kind of behavior has serious consequences, not only for the person being judged but for those who do the judging.…show more content…
This reveals to us that the creature lives in a society that is judgmental and is aware of the creatures suffering, but ignores it because he is not "normal." "Let me go; he cried; "monster! Ugly wretch (Pg. 130)!" In this quote, the creature is being judged based on his appearance. The creature wasn't trying to harm William, but the creature gets fed up with his insults, and reacts violently. He starts to turn into the monster, that everyone sees him as. "And what was I? Of my creation and creator, I was absolutely ignorant, but I knew that I possessed no money, no friends, no kind of property (Pg. 108)." In this quote, the creature begins to accumulate this new sense of self. The creature becomes aware at this point, that he is a monster with nothing to his name. He starts questioning his existence. He is not welcomed in the
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