Importance Of Applying Critical And Critical Thinking

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Richard and Elder (2008) define critical thinking as “The art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view to improving it”. In this research paper, I will cover the importance of being proficient on applying critical and creative thinking process. Moreover, I will provide assertive examples using Major General (MG) David Petraeus’s critical thinking and problem solving process experiences during the invasion of Mosul, Iraq. The Mosul’s invasion was full of suitable and deprived decisions. Nonetheless, all decisions went through a critical thinking process in order to find possible solutions for the post-conflict problems. MG Petraeus reached Mosul in a moment in which that area of operation (AO) required a leader who has skills set to apply effective critical and creative thinking process. Therefore, MG David Petraeus efficiently engaged critical thinking on his AO in a way that never happened before. Precise use of critical thinking process can lead to a success problem solving process, but on the other hand, lack of applying critical thinking can lead to a mission failure. Critical Thinking In order to become a good critical thinker, you must understand and apply the universal intellectual standards, clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth and significance (Richard and Elders, 2008). MG Petraeus effectively used those intellectual standards to solve problems in Mosul. He understood that any unnecessary confrontation on Mosul’s streets could
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