Importance Of Aquatic Resource Management

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Accordingly, I have read from the web page that the University of Geneva has established the Excellence Master Fellowships, I start to find out the program that is very interested according to my previous study and my future master studying. I am very glad that the University of Geneva is about to make my dream come true. I, Sat Septian, have been graduated from Brawijaya University, Indonesia, which specific research is Aquatic Resources Management. My personal qualities that I possess is that I have a strong motivation to learn and never give up about my difficulties, in the same way that I will face everything to get successfully a better life. I was doing the best perform in my last studying when I proposed as well as finished my thesis, in 3 mouths, which was seldom among students of my fellow worker.…show more content…
That mollusk is the essential food for the people in that city. Several issues have been rising up even now, that our world becoming deteriorated as a result of the environmental pollution, not only in the air, but also in the fresh water. Moreover, it has been happening in our country recently, especially in my city. Because of the pollution, the river that ordinarily is used for irrigation, has been polluted by the activity of factories that wasted a heavy metal, which is recognized generally it as Pb. My supervisor and I, observed and founded the best solution to help people in that city before processing the freshwater mollusk for a staple food and limiting the level of the heavy metal in that mollusc before they consume. That is very helpful to reduce a risk of a cancer in our body due to the accumulation of eating mollusc which has been polluted by a high heavy-metal

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