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Archery does not test one’s physical strength but rather one’s heart. After practicing continuously, the archer finds the importance of dedication to the point where they do whatever they can to become better (Lee and Benner 250). It is also the Philippines’ greatest chance in winning in the Olympics due to the fact that it does not need height or strength like most sports, but technique, concentration, and one’s ability to cope with stress (Carpio, “Archery body lacks heart, vision to develop champs” n.p.). In 2001, Marvin Cordero, Christian Cubilla, Bryan Figuero, and Syd Fraginal competed to represent the Philippines in the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. Once they won gold medals and brought their country pride, Fraginal (n.p.) claimed that all of the blood, sweat, and tears he shed were worth it. A victory can motivate an athlete to become better and aim higher (Fraginal n.p.). Archer Gabriel Moreno, ranking 30th of the 32 male archers during the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, won gold in the mixed team event after being paired with China’s Li Jiaman who…show more content…
Unlike basketball or volleyball that requires a minimal amount of gear to practice their sport, archery requires a bow, a quiver of arrows, and additional gear. One complete set-up ranges from Php 30 000 to Php 75 000 depending on the quality of the material a certain bow is created out of. For example, recurve bow risers (the ‘body’) and limbs (where the string is attached) created from wood prove to be thousands of pesos cheaper than bows created from aluminum-carbon (Alvarez n.p.). Similarly, aluminum arrows prove to cost less than carbon arrows but are disadvantageous during the windy or rainy weather due to its much heavier weight. One also has to consider the expenditures spent on the gear, which includes the arm guard, finger tab, chest guard and quiver in order to lessen any form of discomfort for the

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