Importance Of Architectural Design

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My childhood was full of exciting experiences with soil, papers and cloth as well as my eyes all of which taught me to become friendly close to nature. Although playing with scissors, glue, painting colors, watercolor, Crayons and paperboards are common activities among children, for me it was a way to express myself. My handcrafts had all a name and a story. These stories continued through my adolescence when I found architecture as part of my life before entering the university. In 2009 when I was at high school, I bought a book titled “Human, Nature and Architecture” by Nazanin Golparvar Fard (2009; 1388 In Persian) which I found later was a textbook in bachelor’s course. The title itself attracted my attention and its content developed my interest toward nature- inspired architecture. However, Nature of Human was what I realized as a core factor and central goal of effective designs.
It should be noted that I never understood these facts until I entered the Islamic Azad University of west Tehran Branch as a student of architecture. During past 4 years, Architectural Design I-V courses were all attractive to me and I put most of my time studying them. Environmental Perception, Introduction to
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In fact in my opinion, one can just put a value on the way he/she analyzes and examines that information, by which conclusions, meanings, and concepts could be extracted. This is just what happens by human’s brain! I firmly believe that the science of architecture is not related to test scores, as it is still an emphasis of many universities, instead the main influence is a comprehensive understanding of relevant topics. It seems that performance of a creative mind has nothing to do with anything but an apprehension of the way by which it produced its
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