Importance Of Art Diplomacy

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Art Diplomacy
Apparently, it looks that art and diplomacy cannot have connections or these two are very different and do not have interaction with each other. But if we look and observe closely we will see that art can play a diplomatic role on another country. Basically, art diplomacy is a part of cultural diplomacy as art is a part of a culture and plays the role of exchanging cultures and ideas and developing mutual understanding from one country to another country to promote foreign policy goals and diplomacy. And “Art can be instrumental in shaping the tone and nature of intercultural relations” (Academy for Cultural Diplomacy). In addition, it helps to develop a long term relationships between countries. The history of art diplomacy goes to the time of cold war between United States and Soviet in 1946. During that time they initiated the project of cultural diplomacy in the US and art was the heart of that. After that, the artist started their Art Exhibitions tours around the Latin America, Europe and Asia. After a few months the government interrupted the project and politicized that for achieving foreign goals as cultural diplomacy (University of Georgia). In this paper I will argue that art diplomacy is a universal language that not only connects governments but also peoples and it is a unique way of build trust between governments to accept differences. Art has a great power in diplomacy but some people underestimate that and do not
Agree to use art in diplomacy.
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