Art And Identity Essay

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Identity is defined as the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. Many people claim that through arts, we can find out an identity or identities of the artists. As everyone knows, art is a medium for us to express our thoughts and something we don’t wish to tell other people in person. It is an outlet for us to express ourselves. According to Gaskins (2010), art reflects what we feel, think, practice, believe, or imagine. Many people also say that doing art is also a way to relax ourselves and it also help to keep our mind away from something bothering us. Love is not an uncommon topic in art and it’s undoubtedly the most wide-spread theme in the field of art. Many of us express our love through arts, songs,…show more content…
In arts, we can know the feeling and sometimes the thoughts of the artists. Sometimes, from the paintings, we can know whether the artists are in a blissful relationship or a painful one. For instance, when the artists are in love happily they will likely use a brighter colour in their arts while those in a painful one will tend to use a darker colour. Therefore, we can learn a lot from the artists through art pieces. ‘Diego and I’ was painted by Frida Kahlo in Mexico in 1949. It is a self-portrait. In the art piece, Frida used media oil on Masonite. Its dimension is 29.8cm by 22.4cm. She confessed that she painted her reality. This art clearly displays the painful and heartache relationship between Frida and her husband, Diego. She painted the art after knowing that her husband has an affair with her close friend who was a film star, Maria Felix. From the tears around her eyes, she showed us that she was deeply hurt by this incident. The artist used wavy and curve lines for hair. Strangulation indicated in the art with lines which represent hair strands swirling around her neck. Next, hair of Frida in the art is messy. In my opinion, this is to show that she was stress because of the incident. Without her husband, Frida very breath was taken away. The third eye on Diego’s forehead suggests her admiration for his wisdom and intellect and it also suggests that her husband was mentally and artistically
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