Importance Of Aspiration In Education

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Assistant Professor,
Department of Education
Madurai Kamaraj University,
Madurai-625 021.

Every individual aims at reaching a definite good or excellence in performance and in doing so, he sets desire for distinction which has an inner structure known as level of aspiration. Aspiration has been a prominent topic within education and sociology for many years. Aspiration as defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary is “ A strong desire to achieve something” when put in an educational sense , aspiration can be defined as “ A strong desire to achieve academically. Aspiration involves the estimation of his ability for his future performance on the strength of his
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Teachers are the greatest assets of any education system. They stand in the interface of the transmission of knowledge, skills and values. They are accepted as the backbone of education system. Teacher quality is therefore crucial and has been globally accepted and significantly associated with the quality of education in general and students’ learning outcomes in particular. Hence, student teacher must concentrate on the various skills essential to maintain them with balanced emotional as well as to excel in their duty for the sake of future generation and improve their aspiration towards teaching profession.

PROFESSIONAL ASPIRATION: Professional aspiration is the level of performance in a succession of learning tasks with established possibilities for improvement which an individual sets for himself/herself and aspire towards a next trail.
It refers to those who are studying undergraduate teacher education programme under Tamil Nadu Teachers’ Education syllabus in Madurai district.
Professional Aspirations
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Gender, Residence, Nativity, Marital status.
Tools used
1. General information schedule
2. Professional aspirations scale constructed and standardized by Manivannan, V. (2012).
Statistical treatment
1. “t” test between the large independent samples.
2. Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation
RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS Professional aspiration among B.Ed. students The empirical average of professional aspiration among B.Ed. students in Madurai district is found to be 38.92, while the theoretical average is 30 only. This shows that professional aspiration among B.Ed. students is found to be above the average level.

Table 1: Results of test of significance of difference between the mean scores of professional aspiration among B.Ed. students: Independent Variables – Wise.
Sl.No. Variable Sub-Variables N M S.D. ‘t’-value Significance at 0.05 level
1. Gender Male 120 58.99 6.32
Significant Female 230 62.12 6.08
2. Residence Rural 245 60.19 6.43
Significant Urban 105 58.19 6.45
3. Nativity Rural 218 62.69 6.64
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