Importance Of Assessment And Evaluation

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Gandhi Babu Shanampoodi
Asst. Professor Of English, Andhra Loyola Institute Of Engineering And Technology, Vijayawada
Andhra Pradesh, India

Assessment of performance is an integral part of any process of learning and teaching. This paper attempts to look at the role and importance of assessment and the advantages of evaluation. The major problem of teaching English language, for teachers, has been assessing and evaluating students during their courses of study and their classroom achievements towards the end of the course. In spite of employing highly useful evaluation parameters such as filling blanks, spotting the error, multiple choice test, essay writing test
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It forms an integral part of the total system of education, and is intimately related to educational objectives. It exercises a great influence on the student’s study habits and the teacher’s methods of instruction and thus helps not only to measure educational achievement but also improve it (Kothari Commission 1964-66).
Evaluation is a process that includes five basic components:
1) Pointing out the purpose of the educational system.
2) Identifying and collecting relevant information.
3) Thoughtful Interpretation of information
4). Decision making.
Teachers play a major role in classroom assessment as they develop, administer and analyze the questions. They are more likely to apply the results of the assessment to their own teaching. Therefore, it provides feedback on the effectiveness of instruction and gives students a measure of their progress. According to Biggs (1999), two major functions can be pointed out for classroom assessment: One is to show whether or not the learning has been successful, and the other one is to clarify the expectations of the teachers from the students.
Assessment is a process that includes four basic components:
1) Formulating statements of intended learning outcomes.
2) Developing or selecting measures.
3) Creating experiences leading to outcomes.
4) Evaluating the teaching
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As part of reflective teaching movement, teachers are encouraged to conduct research in their own classrooms; classroom assessment and evaluation is an important part of such research.

Assessment to improve learning, focuses on how well students are learning what we intend them to learn. By establishing learning objectives, assessment methods are used to measure selected learning outcomes to see whether or not objectives have been met for the course of program. It can be done in four splendid stages.
1. Establish Learning Goals: Establishing clear, measurable expected outcomes of student learning.
2. Provide Learning Opportunities: Ensuring that students have sufficient opportunities to achieve those outcomes.
3. Assess Student Learning: Systematically gathering, analyzing and interpreting evidence to determine how well student learning matches our expectations.
4. Use the Result: Using the resulting information to understand and improve student learning.


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