Essay On The Importance Of Evaluation In Teaching English Language

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Gandhi Babu Shanampoodi
Asst. Professor Of English, Andhra Loyola Institute Of Engineering And Technology, Vijayawada
Andhra Pradesh, India

Assessment of performance is an integral part of any process of learning and teaching. This paper attempts to look at the role and importance of assessment and the advantages of evaluation. The major problem of teaching English language, for teachers, has been assessing and evaluating students during their courses of study and their classroom achievements towards the end of the course. In spite of employing highly useful evaluation parameters such as filling blanks, spotting the error, multiple choice test, essay writing test and reading comprehension, teachers have not been fully successful in the classroom to meet the objectives of teaching and learning.
Evaluation is actually a continuous appraisal of the achievement of the aims of education as well as the methods of teaching and learning aimed at continuous improvements so that education
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The plans describe the means of attaining those objectives- the “HOW”. And practices are what actually take place in the classroom- the “WHAT”. Classroom assessment and instruction has four aspects (purposes, plans, practices, and input factors). Instructional objectives are identified as the goals that one, as a teacher, aims at while teaching. On the one hand, they provide direction for planning appropriate instruction, and, on the other hand, they provide a basis for determining whether one has achieved what one has set out to accomplish- they provide criteria for assessing the outcomes of one's teaching. When identifying objectives to use in classroom assessment and evaluation, it is important to use those objectives that best describe what one, as an individual teacher, wants to

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