Importance Of Assessment In Education

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Above I have discussed teaching and learning at great lengths but not much has been said about assessment. Assessment is an integral part of any education system. It is how one determines whether a learner has learnt or understood what has been taught, it is a means of quantifying a teachers success. Assessment is a way to determine what a learner knows, can do and understands. Assessment is the method used in educational institutions (schools, universities) to determine whether a person has gained sufficient knowledge in that discipline. Assessment can be informal, formative or summative. I believe that assessment is happening all the time. In a classroom you are continually assessing understanding by looking at how learners are responding…show more content…
It is important to design assessments at certain points in the teaching sequence to be most effective. Assessments need to be placed at points of divergence or convergence in the teaching sequence. When designing an assessment there are three important factors to consider; purpose, validity and reliability. Validity talks to the assessments correspondence to the curriculum and what was taught – do you measure what you intend to measure. Reliability talks about fairness and the condition in which an assessment is given. And lastly purpose, it is important to ensure that you as the teacher know the purpose behind your assessment tool. The purpose of an assessment can be diagnostic, formative – assessments for learning or summative – assessments for certification. Assessments must be used as tools to support learning not hinder it. During TE my supervising teacher asked me to moderate her cycle tests as she believed it was a necessary skill to learn. She also gave me the opportunity to create my own assessments that she would then moderate (Please see Appendix D). Teaching must not be confused with assessment. Although assessment is a tool used to support learning it must not be the main purpose of teaching and…show more content…
Science education promotes logic, critical thinking and problem – solving skills. Einstein believes that the goal of education is “to produce independently thinking and acting individuals” (Council, 2007). Science education equips people with skills necessary to make informed decisions in society. It is not always the knowledge that is important but also the attitudes that science education values. Science education values honesty, team work, safety, integrity and respect. Attitudes in science are an objective of science education that will contribute to a learner’s development as a thoughtful and responsible member of community (Science Aims and

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