Summative Assessment In Schools

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Assessment is an important component in the teaching and learning process because it helps us measure whether students are achieving at levels commensurate with their potential. Assessment helps us measure student progress and attainment. It also allows us to differentiate instruction based on these results. It is essential that there is a diverse approach to assessment. In order to achieve a thorough knowledge of student achievement, it is essential to vary the type of assessment. Both formative, also known as assessment FOR learning, and summative assessment, also known as assessment OF learning, strategies are essential assessment approaches. Rawdah International School believes firmly that evaluation
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Formative and Summative Assessments

Formative Assessment (Assessments FOR
Learning) Summative Assessment (Assessments OF
• Formative assessments are diagnostic and are known as assessments FOR learning (AFL).
• It is designed to assist educators and students in improving learning as it provides continual specific and descriptive feedback to the student.
• This process provides direction for improvement.
• Formative assessment focuses on improvement.
• It is not used for grading purposes, but • Summative assessments are assessments
OF learning (AOL).
• They check what has been learned and provide information about the student’s performance to the educators as well as the parents in the student’s life.
• The information from summative assessments is used to make judgments about student achievement at the end of a period of instruction.
• Summative assessments are used for grading purposes and they determine rather as a chance to allow students to grow and improve their learning. grade level achievement.
Examples of Formative Assessments:
Turn and Talk Anecdotal Records Pretests
Initial writing drafts/attempts
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See the Reporting Practices at RAWDAH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL : chart below for more detail on descriptors.

A minimum of one summative assessment per unit will be moderated per grade level taking a high, medium and low sample. Records and samples of moderated assessments have to be kept.

Specialist PKG-9 Assessments:

A minimum of one summative assessment per unit will be given to students. The summative can be either a practical or written assessment. Specialist teachers will produce their own policy on summative assessments and that will be shared with both parents and students at the beginning of each year in the course program of studies.


Level Reporting System Evaluation (grading)
PKG and KG1 Two full written report cards
Two scheduled parent conferences
Progress reports
Portfolios Developmental continuum with semester benchmarks
C – Not Meeting Standard/Of Concern
– Student is not performing at the grade level expectations. The student is mostly dependent on teacher

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