History Of Astronomy Essay

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Astronomy has direct relation to the development of human civilization for it is considered as the oldest science in the world. Ancient people have used their knowledge of observing their nature though the sky for the wider understanding of the world they live in. Astronomy was a backbone of their social, political, and religious systems. Since the existence of human beings in this world, ancient people or civilizations have been using their knowledge to entrench it into their religion and art culture. Astronomy in other terms known as “the study of the sky” was a vital part of the theological foundation of early civilizations. As a result of the sky’s obvious effects on Earth, it led to the view of a ferocious linkage between celestial events and human affairs.…show more content…
We may ask, why do ancient people bother? The sky is described as vigorous and ever-changing. As a result of these momentous changing of the planets, stars, moon sun and other astronomical objects, astronomy started to be a natural inquisitiveness that ancient people tend to be interested with. The planets gave the imprint of a cosmic order by the cyclical occurrence of the constellations and the sun. The usual or everyday observations like the setting and rising of the sun, and seasonal observations suchlike the winter and summer solstices, were cautiously celebrated and constantly accompany with festivals. Religious signs were also often hailed through astronomical circumstances such as supernovae and eclipses. “Archaeoastronomy is a captivating field which gives an astronomical insight into the mind-sets of ancient cultures.” - Leslie
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