Importance Of Astrophysics

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I believe that learning about astrophysics is really important because with everything that it teaches us it can truly help us understand the world we live in and what’s beyond it. It can answer a lot of the questions we have about what we cannot see if we are just on earth. It can also give us a bigger picture of how we can save mankind in the future. This is why so many people have already went out of Earth and explored more on the many wonders outside of our planet and to investigate the different compositions that are out there. Many are still wondering if there are also signs of life aside from our own planet which is why many are currently researching on about it and making new technologies to try to figure this out because if we do…show more content…
I think that the study of this was very important because we were able to know the theory behind why all of the different countries are separated in such a way and why mountains, volcanos, trenches, and etc. are formed. We were also able to know which kinds of plates would bring such land formations so people would know where to and not to put their properties in. This is very important to know because the people would know not to put their houses or buildings on areas close to these plate tectonics because if they do, their properties might get destroyed or damaged and could also be a threat to their lives. Learning about the different plate tectonics, people were also able learn more about the different mechanisms of heat transfer namely, conduction, convection, and radiation. Honestly, I think that these types of heat transfer have a really big part in our lives today. Many of the technologies invented are brought about with heat transfer. Because of astrophysics, scientists were able to see more on how heat can be transferred from one object to another. One of which is conduction wherein heat is transferred directly from one object to the other. Because of this, it is very hard to touch certain objects without getting burnt which makes it hard for cooking if you need to hold on to the pan or to drink coffee if it is too hot. People have now invented different materials and gadgets that allow us to

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