Importance Of Atmosphere On The Atmosphere

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The atmosphere refers to the air envelop surrounding the earth. This parcel is involved in the care and sustenance of the earth’s massive activities. It sustains life because the envelop nurtures life by providing adequate air in which animals and humans alike breathe as well as provide adequate carbon dioxide needed for food to plants through the photosynthesis process. The atmosphere contributes in great measures to the water cycle, alternating massive water movements from the earth’s surface to the atmosphere through evaporation as well as aiding condensation of water vapour back to the earth. It acts as the balance of water circulation for basic life existence in the earth.
The atmosphere is a basic necessity for man as provisions of food, shelter and normal living is entrenched by the atmosphere indirectly. Agriculture which is sustenance of human food and shelter construction has direct relationship with the atmosphere for greater yields.
The atmosphere protects the earth by acting as a shield to resist the direct impact of cosmic radiations from the sun to the surface of the earth. It shields the earth thereby preventing massive temperature increase to the earth’s surface. The atmosphere is a part of man’s living that should be cared and given ultimate protection.
The atmosphere consists of about 78% of N2 as well as other substances. Figure 2.1 below shows the various composition of the atmosphere. Figure 2.1: Composition of atmospheric air
The atmosphere is
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