Importance Of Attendance And Punctuality

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Part A: Standards & Procedures • Attendance and Punctuality Attendance and Punctuality are very important to the company. It is your responsibility to report to work every day and on time during your normally scheduled work days. We recognize that sometimes things occur that will prevent you from coming to work. If you will be out of work for the day or multiple days it is required that you contact your supervisor an hour before your scheduled work time. You may contact them via email or phone. If you will be late to work the same procedure should be followed. It is not mandatory that you explain the reason but you must inform them on when you will be returning back to work. Failure to report to work and on time without notifying the company is a serious matter and disciplinary action will be taken and could result in termination. • Dress Code Employees are required to follow the dress code for the company. Since our employees working conditions are so diverse we have adopted a casual dress code. Acceptable work attire includes but is not limited to: jeans, walking shorts, capris, athletic shoes, sandals, polo shirts and T-shirts. Unacceptable attire are but not limited to: tank-tops, halter tops, mini-skirts, short shorts or bottoms with holes or rips in them. If your working environment does not permit any of the acceptable items above then you must dress according to the rules of your workplace. For example shorts and sandals may not be permitted on a job-site.

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