Importance Of Audio-Visual Materials

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Nowadays it is very important for any second language learners to having good language proficiency or good communication skills. It is well-known fact that Audio-Visual materials are very useful in stimulating and facilitating the learning of a foreign language. It is very necessary to use those materials in a right way and place for better improvement of language learners. In other side Task-Based language learning also provides possible opportunities for the second language learners in effective way. Both Audio-Visual materials and Task-Based approach have its own significance in effective teaching-learning process throughout proper use in the classrooms it create live classroom environment, give possible chance for students
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They can create excitement. Visual aids unable students to use more than one sense at the same time. One picture can elicit lots of words.”
Mathew and Alidmat (2013) found that audio-visual materials can make lesson easy to understand. Images that the learner’s views on the screen can be easily comprehend and remembered then descriptive reading materials. Learner feels that he/she can remember the information for longer duration due the use of audio-visual aids. Therefore, having something visual on the lesson are always helpful for the second language learners.
Macwan, H (2015) Audio-Visual aids helps the learners to learn language in diversified ways. Learners come with different ideas. Audio clips help them to learn the correct pronunciation because the speaker of the conversations is mostly the native speakers. By listening to the conversation they can improve their listening skills, which is not always possible by listen only the class
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• Will students actively participate in teaching-learning process through audio-visual aids?
• What will be the students’ responses about the use of audio-visual aids for teaching-learning process?
• How much there will improvements in the students in terms of language enhancing?
• How the student acquires communicative competence with the help of audio-visual materials?

• To use audio-visual aids for language enhancement.
• To know the usefulness of audio-visual aids/materials for language learning.
• To enhance communicative competence of second language learners.
• To make them aware about collaborative teaching-learning process.
• To help the teachers to teach the students more effectively with the help of audio-visual aids.

• There will be no significant difference between main achievement score of control group and experimental group.

Research Methodology:
Research methodology covers following points.
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