Importance Of Aural-Oral Approach In English Language Teaching

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The Aural-Oral Approach in English Language Teaching
In English language teaching there are several approaches that can be applied in a classroom. Each one has purpose and gives concern to certain skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) development. One of these approaches is Aural-Oral Approach. The Aural-Oral Approach is based on developing two language skills: listening and after that speaking which is the earlier stage of learning a language (Geri, 1990). Aural means related to sense of hearing and oral related to verbal communication. Surely when the student is getting better in both listening and speaking they will reach communicative competence. Communicative competence refers to the level of language learning that enables language users to convey their message to others and to understand others’ messages within specific context (Hymes, 1972). Of course to reach this competence, both listening and speaking improvement is really needed. The Aural-Oral approach is very effective to be implemented in English Language Teaching in case to build communicative competence of student. It enhances listening and speaking also it increases new vocabulary for student. The aim of this essay is to give real imagine about how the Aural-Oral approach can be taught in or during English learning and give good improvement in both listening and speaking in order to reach student’s communicative competence. The first focus of Aural-Oral Approach is to teach English for student
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