Essay On Authenticity

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Theories suggest to us that authenticity means for something to be real, original, true and genuine. Anything that is copied or is not completely true is considered to be inauthentic. Authenticity is a very vague concept to think about; it is not understood properly and is hence used in a very casual manner. People generally perceive authenticity as curation, but in reality it is quite different. To achieve authenticity, or to be authentic can be very difficult since it is an over powering value that only comes with constant labour. In this essay i will talk about authenticity in respect to fashion blogging, what authenticity means to fashion bloggers and the value of authenticity between fashion blogging and other fashion media avenues. Thrilling,(1971), states that sincerity and authenticity are often confused between each other. They are in fact very different. He says that while sincerity is merely the opposite of pretence, authenticity is more than that. Authenticity is actually when the inner true self is revealed. He discusses how authenticity has become a very important characteristic for people in today’s day and age. Fashion blogging is when a person writes an online public blog about…show more content…
It is set apart from commercial and mainstream fashion media. And while some fashion bloggers yet stick to their morals and engage in authentic blogging, now a day’s some bloggers are losing what used to make them special. Fashion blogging used to be about real people and their similarity to their readers. That was the biggest aspect that made them authentic. New fashion blogs coming up are actually looking more and more as fashion magazines. Bloggers try to look as models and also wear luxury brand clothing all the time. Some bloggers also consider themselves to be celebrities. The diversions in fashion blogs is making them less authentic and are also making them lose the special quality they
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