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Why Does The Ball Valve Deserve a Special Mention? Out of several valves being used today, the Ball Valve deserves a special mention. Quarter-turn valve is another name for this useful valve type. You can use this valve type for several applications including liquids and gases, and for applications where you expect a quick shut-off. When considering applications, advantages, and types; the Ball Valve takes a top spot, and we are here to prove it. Let's get to know about its structure a bit better now! A hollow sphere that turns when the lever is turned controls the fluid flow here. In other words, the hollow sphere is the main component of this valve type. Depending on the application, you can choose a valve that is made of either plastic…show more content…
So, you can understand its special capabilities here. High-pressure, high-temperature, safety, quick shut-off, and reliability are the factors that make this valve type the best type available on the market today. We can explain it to you with an example. Pipelines from an oil rig transfer liquids at high-pressure. So, you can't use an ordinary valve here. The Ball Valve that you can use for high-pressure applications such as for oil rigs should be made of a metal, and plastic is not the best material option here. Manufacturers have now introduced new features that make the Ball Valve the best option for applications mentioned…show more content…
A metal seat protects the rubber seal here. * Anti-static: Rubbing of surfaces can cause static electricity, which increases the risk fire than transferring flammable liquids. A Ball Valve now comes with a feature that minimises static electricity formation. Removable valves: Single-piece valves are hard to dismantle and repair. Manufacturers now produce valves that can be split apart for easy repair and maintenance. You can split the structure of the valve from the top (top-entry) or split the body. Ball Valve lever: The lever of the valve is the component that controls the flow-controlling spere/disk. General applications valves come with a handle, and valves for robust application come with a wheel for higher torque generation. Such valves are widely being used for high-pressure applications -- oil rigs, ships, water treatment, and gas plants. OK, let get to know all the advantages in detail now! * Ease of operation: When compared to other valve types available on the market, the Ball Valve take the top spot in terms of ease of use. As mentioned, you can fully control the flow just by turning the lever at 90 degrees

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