Importance Of Barangay Health Care In The Philippines

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Customers must be fully entertained and give as much as good services as you can offer in order for them to be satisfied. According to the research, services were defined as a service which results on relating human or mechanical efforts to people or objects. Health care service is one of the examples. Health care services is the support or change of health through the conclusion, treatment, and anticipation of sickness, illness, injury, and other physical and mental weaknesses in individuals. Human services are conveyed of course by health experts and professionals. This includes as well the primary health care that has been welcomed since 1980’s by a few nations as the main functional method for giving any form of health care for a growing…show more content…
It includes the first wave of health sector reform, through the Local Government Code of 1991. The code devolved basic services for health services, barangay (townships) to Local Government Units. And in the year 1992, the Philippines Government transfers the management and delivery of health services from the National Department of Health to locally elected provincial, city and municipal governments. A barangay health center is a community-based and the goal is to offer first aid, maternal and child health care, communicable diseases and other basic health services to all the constituents of the barangay. One of the most important programs of the Municipality is to develop the delivery of health services and also providing additional budget for medicines, equipments and health workers. The Municipal Health Office was able to communicate with people and deliver more quality and efficient health services. Also, free medicines and vitamins are made always available for the people of Barangay Makiling to those who are in need and…show more content…
It has been combined by the Health Office. And they have this called the Up Land and Low Land, so that it will be easier for the Health Office to notice if the Residents are from Up Land and Low Land. The scope of Barangay Makiling Health Center starts at the Bridge after Viga and ends at the gasoline station Unioil. The workers in Barangay Makiling, voluntarily renders primary health services. Barangay health workers don’t have salary but they have Honorarium allowances coming from the Calamba City Government which is under of City Health Office. The workers are called Barangay health workers, barangay health officers, Barangay nutrition scholar, and

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