Importance Of Barangay In The Philippines

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The purpose of the government is to serve the people that are within their jurisdiction and to provide services adequate to their everyday needs and to further enhance their status quo in the community. That is why the local government unit has been created by the national government so that they may cater the people who have less in life. Through this way, the barangay serves as the basic unit of government here in the Philippines. A barangay form of government system here in the Philippines dated back way before the Spaniards conquered and reign over the country for over a length of time. From then, the barangay were once ruled by a Datu that is elected by the elders and that being a Datu is a sign of having royal blood. The practices of the barangays back then can be also seen being practiced today like the barangay being a mode of amicable settlements among its constituents within its jurisdiction. They maintain the peace and order within their community and that they help the national government improve the lives of the people residing in their respective barangays. Today, the barangay serves…show more content…
On the reasons of that having an appointed barangay captain can be equaled to having a competent one. In the basis of appointing a barangay captain, the mayor can filter out the best qualified for the position as having this thesis and the options offered by the constituents to whom is best for the job. In relation to their educational attainment, it can be best simplified that in the youth of today, they would like someone to lead not only that has the heart or passion of serving but also the captain that is knowledgeable of the said position. It goes to show that the people want someone that has the capacity intellectually to handle the responsibilities and to cater their

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