Pollination Of Bees Essay

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In terrestrial ecosystems, bees play an important but barely recognized role as pollination seeing flowers are their main food source. Pollinators strongly influence ecological relationships, ecosystem stability, genetic variation in the plant diversity, specialization and evolution . Bees’ great numbers, physique and behavior appears to be dominating the production of seed, fruits and crops for us or the animals to consume. Other goods that bees produce are brood, honey and wax are prime food source of some animal species. The presence of bees is vital to keep enough food supply and continuous reproduction of many insect-pollinated plants which helps substation of species and promotes biodiversity globally.

Pollination is the process of transferring pollen to the stigma which is the female part of the flower, then produce seeds and fruit. Some
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In the springtime of Europe, the forest floor can be totally covered by flowering plants. Bees are present in high numbers in early spring and provide fast pollination for plants in need. In Denmark, bees help protection of the tree seedlings from being eaten or spoiled from gnawing by roe deer in forest areas. This is because bees shelter a better pollination and seed production of many other plants, that the roe deer can consume. The bees are important for the food production of all animals in the ecosystem dependent on food as berries, seeds and fruits from bushes and herbaceous plants.

Bees and trees belong together. Wild honeybees chose nesting places in trees rather than in an open landscape. In dry season, a high nesting place is better for escaping from bushfires. Beekeepers will protect the forests and especially the tall trees which attract the bees. A better pollination can be provided by enough bees and help improving regeneration of trees and conservation of the forest’s

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