Importance Of Being American Essay

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What it means to be American is to be free to say, do and like whatever i would like . It means to be united with everyone no matter what. To different people being American means different things. Being American let’s anyone be whatever gender they want religion, culture, and language . America is a place of freedom, where people are guaranteed natural rights . We have freedom of speech because of the first amendment. America is a land of opportunity where the government takes care of it’s people and gives children and teenagers free education . America has made it to where not only men have rights but men and women both have the same rights . America let’s anyone be who they want unlike in china if there people don’t agree…show more content…
Segregation stopped a long time ago but some people still don’t like other races in America because they say whites were the first ones here which everyone knows that’s a lie, the native americans were the first ones to step foot on america . For example Donald trump wants to send everyone back but he needs to go to because he’s russian and his wife isn’t from here either , he doesn’t want to let muslims in because he thinks there all terrorist . Most people that come to the United States come here to better there lifes and to raise money to take care of there families and some people’s rights are taken away . I believe they should send back the criminals that don’t belong here but let the people who are trying to make a living and make there life a better place stay here . Immigrants are paying all this money to get there papers and some people are just wasting money and it’s going down the drain . In conclusion , I’m lucky to be living in America and getting free education and not being judged by the way i look or talk or my race or religion . I hope that this stays the way it is forever but i hope things get better for people who don’t have the same
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