Importance Of Being Earnest Characters

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Scene Analysis- The Importance of Being Earnest

The novel “The importance of being Earnest” is an excellent read involving a lot of farce, portraying the characters in the book as frivolous and full of hypocrisy. The characters in the book tend to be extremely superficial and dumb. These characters focus on materialistic stuff and appearance, and also touch on very social (and mostly controversial) topics, such as marriage and health. The idea that these characters and their actions/words are larger than life (not realistic) is portrayed throughout the whole text, this essay will analyze specific quotes taken from a specific scene that demonstrate Wilde 's intentions with his representations of each character. There is satire, which is used to pinpoint the specific personality traits that give off how superficial these characters really are. Dramatic irony is also essential during the whole novel, as the reader often knows what is really happening in the novel, and has a better understanding and knowledge of the situations than the characters.

Lady Bracknell’s is a seemingly uncaring and hypocritical person, and her personality contributes greatly to the humour within the scene. Wilde reinforces her frivolousness and carelessness with several quotes throughout the scene. Characters in this novel are materialistic and Lady Bracknell is no exception to the rule, they find feelings obnoxious, “I’m sorry we are a little late, Algernon, but I was obliged… And one of those
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