The Importance Of Being Earnest Scene Analysis Essay

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Scene Analysis- The Importance of Being Earnest

The novel “The importance of being Earnest” is an excellent read involving a lot of farce, portraying the characters in the book as frivolous and full of hypocrisy. The characters in the book tend to be extremely superficial and dumb. These characters focus on materialistic stuff and appearance, and also touch on very social (and mostly controversial) topics, such as marriage and health. The idea that these characters and their actions/words are larger than life (not realistic) is portrayed throughout the whole text, this essay will analyze specific quotes taken from a specific scene that demonstrate Wilde 's intentions with his representations of each character. There is satire, which is used
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entirely for pleasure now.”Once again, marriage is exposed as something you wouldn’t want or ask for under any circumstances. Wilde makes fun at it and once remarks how living without a spouse or company makes you live in a better way and more happily, although, for most people real life the death of their spouses is one of the worst things that could occur to them. This comparison allows the reader to evaluate the farce in The Importance of Being Earnest, and how Wilde portrays wholly improbable real life situations as completely possible in his novel, depicting his characters as totally crude. Going more in depth with her frivolousness (mentioned before) we point out the quote, “I hope not Algernon… fortunately he is accustomed to that.” Once again, the use of satire, Lady Bracknell is anything but earnest. She cares so much about appearances, and as mentioned before, takes marriage as something unimportant, she sends her husband to dine away from the family, so the dining table looks pretty and put together. This is utterly ridiculous, as she doesn’t take dinner time as a time to interact, she does not go beyond the superficial aspect of it, as all she wants is her dining table to look as pleasant as she wants everything
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