Importance Of Being Involved In High School Sports Essay

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Required Sports A college student is sitting in a waiting room, waiting for his first job interview, his resume has little to nothing on it. The one thing that stands out, is the involvement in high school sports. The administrative assistant stand up and calls him into the office.The CEO of Apple Inc. says, “So, I see you were involved in high school sports, how does that help you with getting a job?” The applicant then explains how being involved in high school sports could help him improve many skills for jobs. School districts should require students to play a sport to graduate. When people think about sports, they don’t include academics in the picture. The truth is, most studies show that doing some sort of physical activity helps increase brain activity and mentality. A study done by BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) cited that about five thousand children had overall success in exams in math, science, and English with just little amounts of…show more content…
A study conducted at Ohio State University showed that high school students suffered catastrophic head injuries three times more frequently than college players in American football. One of the main reasons for the large amount of head injuries is that in high school a medic isn’t present to make the students stop playing. The student will then either keep playing or return to the sport too soon (Gunner). The most common injuries for girls happen in cheerleading and basketball. Cheerleading leads with sixty-five percent of all head injuries in 2015. Cost could also be a problem when it comes to deciding if you want to do a sport. The average high school sport cost from fifty dollars to two hundred fifty dollars. That could be a problem for some families, but many schools help out by having the students work on concessions and just help out around the school. Sports may seem like a bad thing, but they can help after high school

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