Political Correctness Examples

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Being politically correct refer to the idea of being as least offensive and provocative as possible. In today's context the idea of trying to be more politically correct has become more prevalent as compared to two decades ago when the word was hard know to the common man. Being politically correct may be important nowadays as people are easily offended and hence caution is required while speaking or commenting especially with the ease at which one can be recorded .one example from a recent local event is the Amy Cheong case where she public commented on Facebook on the culture of a particular race . The disrespectful comment had lead to Amy losing her high profile job and so much so she had to leave the country .this was the result of the…show more content…
it often exaggerates the comments made so as to make news out of it. This results in even simple of statements being turned into controversial by the media. For example if one were to say "you stupid German man" the media may sometimes blame the person for calling all German's stupid which is not the case. This media miss representation has lead to people become more and more sensitive to things that were in the past considered acceptable to say . This importance created for political correctness by the media is hypocritical and not genuine as it does not condemn someone for insulting someone but for their personal gain of making news. This is why often the Racist comments spilled by a common man is not publicised and condemned however if a public figure were to make the same comment it would probably break he'll lose for him…show more content…
There is a famous saying that goes, “sticks and stones may break me but words cannot.” This is false as often people are genuinely hurt or offended by certain comments and an offensive comment may have a lasting downing effect on the person. Hence political correctness is to a degree essential and important to our society however it is necessary that do not over impose political correctness as it censors our society to the extent that it is bland and meaningless and in extreme instances it make our society hypocritical as it makes people hide their true view and
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