Importance Of Being Unbrave Essay

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there are too many reasons that we wish to change all the choices we have made. i, myself, have done something that i really regret is being unbrave. i will never forgive myself for that choice and will always feel stupid when i think of it. "Unbrave" is when i never say what is on my mind. In school i have trouble communicating with the people around me. the worst is when i tried to communicating with the teacher, because im scared of being humiliate. i never raise my hand to give out my opinions or ask questions because i was too scared. i never have an opinion on other stuff, like in a group project or group work. i do what they ask and follow them, like how to write a idea or work on the layout. "unbrave" is when im too scared to say "No". i've always said "Yes" for favors or things that my classmates, friends want me to do, like do their homework, help them in the test even skip class to hangout with them. i could not say no because i feel like i will hurt them or breaking the friendship that i have with them.…show more content…
one time i got asked to help them cheat during the test and i said yes because i cant resist rejecting them. "Unbrave" is when im too scared to try new things. i was too scared to ride a roller coster because it's too high and fast. i was afraid of bugs, even people sometime. i was too scared to test it out or to go for aventure because of my anxiety. i always stay home, and doesn't go anywhere except school or being forced to go with my parents. i was too scared of the things in life. all the choices i made, the unbrave is what i regret the most. Unbrave bring my seft esteam down and make me look weak. they are the one who turn my childhood into disaster. i hope i can go back in time to change that choice, but the good things about unbrave is that they tought me how to be the i am right now. the weak girl without confidents is now turn into a brave, confident
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