Importance Of Biblical Counseling

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Essay #1: Why is biblical counseling important, and how does it fit within the ministry of the local church? As Christians, biblical counseling helps us apply both the greatest (and the second which is like it) commands as spoken by Jesus in Matthew 22:36-40. Biblical counseling is also a mechanism to which each of us can fulfill the great commission as spoken by Jesus in Matthew 28: 19-20. As such, biblical counseling not only fits within the ministry of the local church, one could argue that it is the ministry of the local church! The first and greatest commandment along with the second like it can be boiled down to a single word; love. To paraphrase these commands, we are to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind; and to love others as ourselves. Biblical counseling helps us to love both God and others. As counselors, we draw close to God as we study His word and apply His truth. As the gospel is revealed to us, we see the immeasurable love that God has for us as we revisit the cross and the sacrifice Jesus made for each of us. We see the depths of our sin and the need for a savior to rescue and redeem us. The love displayed for us deepens our love for Him as we realize the foundational truth that the fundamental problem we face is that of sin. Yes, we too are broken people living in a broken world. Biblical counseling provides both the counselor and the counselee the opportunity to experience the love and goodness of Jesus. As we counsel, we do so from this same
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