Importance Of Big Data In Healthcare

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The case study is about the healthcare segment in which technology has played a major role to solve the data problems and it also describes the management decision towards the data analysis.

The University of Ontario wants to monitor all the patients by using the medical devices. So, they want real time signal processing to respond to each critical situation before it actually happen. Smart devices lead to proactively dealing with the situations.

In today’s world, what plays the most significant role for any industry to succeed? Or even in our personal lives? The answer is – “Technology” and considering the healthcare and medicine industry, it definitely is the most important. The amalgamation
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Areas like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information technology, the development of medical devices and equipment, and more have all made significant contributions to improving the health of people all around the world.
Medical scientists and physicians are persistently carrying out various researches and experimenting with new techniques to help prevent, diagnose, and cure diseases and also developing new drugs and medicines that can lessen symptoms or treat ailments.
One of most vital ways through which technology has benefited the healthcare sector is through online databases that can accurately predict medical trends.
Uses of Big Data in Healthcare:
• Plan care for individuals and populations, including predictive disease management.
• Define and apply best practices to reduce readmission rates.
• Predict the risk of sepsis or kidney failure, and intervene early to reduce negative outcomes.
• Better manage pharmacy costs and outcomes.
• Create tools to improve each patient’s
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The prescriptions they get are also a part of data collection. This all creates a big data platform which is not even easy to analyse through human brain. The access to this big data can help in improving the facilities for patients. This can help in better, faster decisions, aimed at helping physicians make better and faster decision in patient care.

Using special algorithms to perform real time analytics, project is able to find out the problems as soon as they appear. This will help in physicians to give better treatment to infants before the infection get worse. Different organisations are using the same concept to get a better view point and also to have better knowledge. So, therefore big data gives us better possibilities towards our goals. It is actually an extension for our values and principles with all the traditional and non-traditional sources of data. It also leads to integration of data, performance with all the complex situations and

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