Importance Of Bilateral Relation In Australia

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION I.1 Background of the Study Building a bilateral relation with another state always becomes very needed and important to a state to enhance its foreign relations. It also applies to Indonesia as one of the most populous countries in the world with the third largest democracy in the world. One of the example, Indonesia has a bilateral relation with Australia. Indonesia has been shared a strong bilateral relation with Australia since a very long time ago, and this bilateral relation must be maintained and obviously should be enhanced and strengthen to create a better relations and cooperation in the future. The bilateral relations between Indonesia and Australia has been tied for a very long time because of their shared interests and becomes an interaction with the high level between two countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Indonesia and Australia as very close friends and neighbors obviously have a strong and relationship with a very wide links between their governments, citizens, and also their communities. As both countries have been neighbors and undergo a bilateral relation for a long time, they become strategic partners and important for each other, and also they would like to enhance their ties on the sector of political, economic, development, security, education, and the connection of people-to-people. The bilateral relations between Indonesia and Australia is also supported by the series of regular high-level meetings, including the

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