Importance Of Bilingualism

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Bilingualism is very important for today and future. So why so important of being
Bilingual ? Today companies search a person who speak more than one language.. Old days we can chance our position with person personality skills. Companies works local companies but now international compinies are everywhere. We know some people can not chance their position beacuse he does not know more languages. Our ancestor could explain this one sentence ‘’ One language one person, two languages two person.’’ We can see our ancestor care about to bilingualism. Communication is important too. Too many books,
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As we know historian İlber Ortaylı. He knows tweenty four languages. Throug he could translate old paper to now. They are some abstract about bilingual. Let have a look closer importance of being bilingual.

In this years, many international companies infestation around us. What is the most important thing they looking for ? You know the answer ‘’ language ‘’. This companies use
Bilingual persons to their works. That way employess work with another countries easly.
Wal-Mart Stores, Royal Dutch Shell, Sinopec Group, China National Petroleum,
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