Importance Of Bill Of Rights

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A bill of rights is a list of the most important right of a citizen of a country. It is sometimes referred as the charter of right or declaration of rights. Its main purpose is to protect those rights from interference by public officers and the private citizens. It first originated from England. It referenced the bill of right 1689 enacted by the supremacy of parliament over the monarch. It listed a number of fundamentals rights and liberties. An entrenched bill of right cannot be repealed or modified by the country’s legislature through a normal procedure. It requires a referendum or supermajority varying from different countries. In the constitution, it stipulates clearly the process to be involved in the exercise. The bill of right is on the fundamental shield toward to all human kind. It provides a base of the provision to justice or those who exploit another citizen. It controls and gives the boundary to the rich and prominent people from harming a less fortunate citizen. Which the important is the bill of right to a country and it citizen is? Through my essay, I shall discuss the following. Is Lack of a bill of right in Australia’s constitution make human right protection more difficult? Compare Australia approach of protecting human rights to countries having constitutions bills of right. Do the countries with a constitutional bill of right do a better job of protecting human rights?

Australia practices a different way of protecting human rights. She has no bill of

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