Importance Of Biodiversity Conservation Essay

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In order to survive or in for survival the process of conservation is needed for every living organism. Even an ant conserves food to so that in winter season there should not be any difficulty in searching for food. Our planet Earth is the home to many diverse lives which vary from each other. We popularly call this as biodiversity as biological diversity used for describing the variety of lives present on earth. Habitat destruction or excessive harvesting of particular specie may prove to be a threat to biodiversity conservation. As nature’s presence is linked with the presence of life and thus nature conservation becomes very important to check extinction of species. Thus to keep this beautiful relationship of nature and living organisms it requires a check on the activities which harm nature and poses a challenge. In this paper we will discuss the causes behind biodiversity loss, taking a stand in conservation strategies and concluding with some examples to support. BIODIVERSITY Life on Earth is very ancient. But, biodiversity as a concept is very recent. It was coined in mid 1980s to describe the rich diversity. This diversity of living creatures forms a support system…show more content…
Yes, because it represents infinite numbers and varieties of plants and animals life and the types of Earths ecosystems that support life. Biodiversity supports the evolution and differentiation among the varying species. That is why cows are cows and frogs are frogs and humans are humans. Without biodiversity we would be (if we existed at all) a homogeneous population, with each of us having the same vulnerabilities. In other words it means that in case of an epidemic, we would all be killed since there would be no biologic differences that would enable some of us to survive and adapt to the new circumstances. For example- to a great extent modern medicines are based on combinations of diverse substances extracted from various plants (medicinal plant like

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