Importance Of Biodiversity In The Philippines

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Do we all know what biodiversity means? Well I think some of us do not know what biodiversity is, but it is important for us to know is the meaning of biodiversity. Biodiversity is the variety of life. Most of the people recognize biodiversity by species but biodiversity is more than just species. A species is a group of living organism that can interbreed for example white-tailed deer, blue whales, and bacteria that you cannot even see with your eyes. Species is only one part of biodiversity. Biodiversity can be studied on many levels and at the highest level you can look at all the different species in earth. Biodiversity occurs at multiple scales of ecological organization, from genes all the way up to the entire biosphere. The full range of species that lives in a particular area is included to biodiversity. Here in the Philippines, we are rich when it comes to biodiversity. As a paradise of biodiversity, our country the Philippines’s terrestrial ecosystems are home to many of the best and rarest wildlife species. Our country, the Philippines has more than 20000 endemic species of plants and animals, and one of the world’s 17 “mega-diversity” countries, who collectively claim two-thirds of the earth’s biological diversity within their boundaries but now Philippines was facing a huge problem in biodiversity. The biodiversity in the Philippines is in crisis. The Philippines is also one of the 34 global biodiversity hotspots, it means that our countries’ high

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