Reflective Essay: Double Major In My Personal Life

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I am currently a student in The College of Letters and Science. I plan to double major in both, Biology and Conservation Biology. To me, conservation is extremely essential. It is a fundamental concept that drives my daily actions. Therefore, I find it extremely important to dedicate my professional and my personal life to learning and protecting the relationship humans have with the environment. Through The University of Wisconsin Madison, I have had the opportunity to take classes that have not been directly related to Biology or conservation, however, have strengthened the connections between different domains of knowledge. For instance, these broader levels of education that are indirectly related to my major have taught me how to look at things from a different perspective. Which, in return, have helped me make connections to the many issues our society is facing.…show more content…
Gender is something people learn, that is, it is culturally constructed. For many people, gender seems natural because we start learning how to be women or men from the moment we are born. The stereotypes shown in these advertisements connect with the inequalities seen in adult life. Advertising potentially has the ability to shape the way children view careers and what an acceptable job might look like for a boy versus a girl. Therefore, when boys and girls are alienated from playing with certain toys as a young age, they are taught to alienate those who do not fit this gender binary, leading to a lack of awareness, understanding, and tolerance. These messages teach girls and boys to dress or act a certain way which carries with them as they get older. In a patriarchal society, femininity is seen as weak, less capable, fragile, inferior, and passive. Whereas, masculinity is defined as strong, competitive, and superior to women. These stereotypes are reinforced gender inequality within
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