The Importance Of Biology

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Biology is the study of living things and the way in which they grow, reproduce, their behaviour and their structure; what they are they made up of. The term biology is derived from the Greeks, the word bio, "life" and -logy, "study of”. Biological studies are very important as it helps us to learn new information about our health, proper nutrients, exercise, the importance of our organs. It is also the study of animals, plants, bacteria and fungus. Biology isn’t focused solely on humans and their existence. The concept of biology is a broad one as it focuses on more than one species of living thing. Biology also focuses on other living things such animals, bacteria, fungus and so much more. There are also several branches of biology. Some…show more content…
Scientist Junjiu Huang and his colleagues discovered a way to edit DNA in human babies. For this research, they attempted to alter the beta goblin (HBB) for “86 human embryos” (Welch 2015). The HBB gene provides instructions for making a protein called beta-globin. This new discovery in science has raised a lot of concerns since. As beneficial as it would be to the society, people are concerned that they are creating designer babies. They call them designer babies because this new technology can be used to remove diseases that rely on single gene mutation for example cystic fibrosis and sickle cell. It would help to lower a number of sickly children we have in this generation but what would happen later years? Some researchers, not connected to the research, believed that they were creating new diseases and that those diseases created now won’t be discovered immediately. Therefore those diseases that might be created would be able to pass from generation to generation. It would help to separate the haves from the have not because the wealthy families would have an opportunity to have selective traits for their children as the hbb is a permanent part of the human genetic
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