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Biology is the study of living things and the way in which they grow, reproduce, their behaviour and their structure; what they are they made up of. The term biology is derived from the Greeks, the word bio, "life" and -logy, "study of”. Biological studies are very important as it helps us to learn new information about our health, proper nutrients, exercise, the importance of our organs. It is also the study of animals, plants, bacteria and fungus. Biology isn’t focused solely on humans and their existence. The concept of biology is a broad one as it focuses on more than one species of living thing. Biology also focuses on other living things such animals, bacteria, fungus and so much more. There are also several branches of biology. Some branches of biology are palaeontology which is the “study life in the past” (McMillian Science page 44); it is the study of fossil animals and plants. Marine Biology which is the study of any life form found in sea or other marine bodies of water. Immunology which is the branch of medicine, it focuses on immunity. How strong is our body to fight off infection and medicines that can be related to helping our body fight off infections, diseases and other unwanted bacteria that can pose a threat to the body? The study of biology has been a benefitting one to world at large; however, a lot of questions have arisen causing a lot of controversies. Some controversies within biology are abortions, afforestation and assisted reproduction.

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