Importance Of Biomedical Engineering

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Since the beginning of modern medicine, we have adapted to using the common core way of medicine and medical treatment to cure patients with illnesses and disabilities. As the years go by we have adopted a new and faster way of curing illnesses and diseases using Biomedical Engineers. Biomedical Engineers are the engineers who use technology to help cure diseases and other physical or mental disabilities. Biomedical Engineers create such machines as MRI, CAT scanners and other medical affiliated machines that can help out with illnesses. Biomedical Engineers are the groundbreakers in the medical world in the 21st Century. Biomedical engineering is important to me because I want to improve in the technological world and I want to become a Ph.D. because I can help the world nationally. When going into the Biomedical engineering field you must learn basic key information about the field. First, we need to learn what the definition of a Biomedical Engineer is; they are people who apply the principles of technology and integrate them into the medical field. When on the worksite BM Engineers will perform many different tasks, such as: analyzing the human limbs for prosthetics, creating imaging machines such as the Magnetic Resource Imaging machine (MRI). Also, BME can work in many other places such as hospitals, schools, factories or reach centers; and depending on where you work will depend on your annual salary. An average annual wage for a BME is $ 85,620 ($41.16 per hour).

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