Importance Of Birds As A Pet

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Ten reasons to consider bird as a family pet

If you are considering to add a new pet to your family, it 's very important to carefully consider the matter ahead of time. Obviosly, you would like to have a pet that fits in with your lifestyle. For example, living in an apartment makes some pets more desirable than others. Also, if you don 't want or can 't take a pet out for playtime and walks, a dog may not be the best option.
82.5 million families or about sixty-eight percent of households in the United States own a pet. Approximately 6.9 million of them own birds. This means that about 20.6 million birds found their way to a warm home and a happy owner. Significantly less than dogs (83.3) or cats (95.6) but still more than reptiles (11.5) and other small animals (18.1).
10 Reasons why birds are (or aren 't) a good choice for a pet
1. Birds have extreme inteligence
Birds are remarkably capable to learn new things. In fact, the surface is only just scratched in understanding all the ways birds use their brains. As such, birds make fascinating, delightful pets for people willing to constantly enrich their bird 's environment. Just how much fun would it be to own a pet that can actually talk back to you! Don 't forget... Exotic birds need the opportunity to interact with their human family for several hours each day. They 're also in need of environmental enrichment and frequent, consistent mental stimulation. The ones that don 't get at least a fair share of the above

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