Importance Of Birthdate Relationship Compatibility

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Birthdate Relationship Compatibility: How It Works
How compatible are you with the person you're with or the person you plan to be with? It would be so nice to know how well you’ll get along, regardless of the situation, or whether or not you're in the same wavelength. Well, the answer is in the stars.
According to numerology, finding your compatibility score with that of your partner is as easy as determining your birthdate relationship compatibility. It shares the same idea as determining compatibility based on zodiac signs, with a few differences.
How to determine birthdate relationship compatibility
Type in your birth date and that of your partner on a birthdate compatibility calculator, which others also call the Numerology Love Compatibility
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There must be a reason why the calculations appear as they are. And there is. The question is how accurate is it?
Accuracy of the birthdate relationship compatibility
Just think how many people in the world has the same birthday, some of which has the same exact date, month and year. It is also highly likely that other couples will type in the same numbers as you did. Does that mean that your compatibility results will be the same as with other couples? It is important to note that numerology is being used for finding predictions for each and every one of us. The operative word is prediction, which means there is no certainty, although the results are reliable. In some cases, it all comes down to practical pairing.
Life path numbers
Birthdate compatibility is based on life path numbers that each reveals a person's personality, character, traits, direction, nature, and love & compatibility with another person.
Number 1
Active, egoistic, energetic and with passion for art
Prefers to take the lead instead of being a follower
Grounded in spirituality, very optimistic, honest and grateful in accepting
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An idealist with high imagination and a dreamy nature
They are followers instead of leaders, happy to execute plans and projects organized by others
Unselfish, and thoughtful of others’ well-being, resulting in an overprotective and combative nature
Collaborative and a good partner, which makes them an ideal business partner
Number 3
Stands for justice, morality and divine love
Known as great up-lifters, with destiny on their side
The vibration of number 3 attracts all that is good in life
A born leader who commands respect, aims to be the best and is immensely hard-working
A wise judge, with great potential as philosophers and world teachers
Number 4
Exhibits force, advancement, and energy, which boast of higher mental faculties
Aims to change life and society, with a strong need to rebel against the rules
Mature beyond their years
Has a strong attraction to the unusual
Number 5
Restless, with a need to constantly explore new destinations
Deeply interested in life’s occult mysteries
Puts family first, and loves to spend time with the children
Love for sports and an intellectual mind, makes them successful with a career in sports or as a teacher or researcher
Number 6
Displays a strong attraction for

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