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Fats and oils are very important raw materials and functional ingredients for bakery products. Different fat types affect the rheology of the biscuit dough and subsequently the quality of biscuit. The importance of fats and oils originates in the functionality that they can confer; this in turn arises from their chemical nature and the common structural features that exist in all fats and oils. Very little information is available that correlates the physicochemical properties of fats/oils with the physical qualities of baked products and their final consumer acceptance. Consequently, understanding the physicochemical and functional properties of fats/oils that in turn influence the physical properties of baked products and the relationship to their consumer acceptance is very important to both food scientists and food producers. Fats and oils are commercially and scientifically of great importance. Here I review some of the functional properties of fats and oils in correlation with biscuit quality parameters.

Keywords Biscuit, shortening (fat), Oil, Functionality.

Biscuits are popular foodstuff, consumed by a large number of populations today, due to their pleasant taste, prolonged shelf life and easy availability at fairly low cost (Gandhi et al., 2001). They come in an infinite variety of sizes, shapes, texture, composition, tenderness, tastes, and colors (Sudha et al., 2007; Tireki, 2008). The term

biscuits, or cookies as they are called in

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