Importance Of Blood In Macbeth

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I think blood plays a very important role in Macbeth. You can see how blood can change Macbeth and his wife mostly Macbeth. Even though Macbeth has already shed blood it didn’t have no meaning to him until he killed Duncan. Duncan’s murder is when blood starts to really become meaningful in the play. Macbeth kills Duncan and then comes back to Lady Macbeth with the bloody daggers and blood on his hands. Lady Macbeth shows no compation and is cold hearted towards the situation. Although Lady Macbeth is the one who wanted Macbeth to kill Duncan. She gets mad and irriatted because her husband didn’t leave the daggers were the planned to put them. Lady Macbeth goes and does it, because Macbeth is too shaken up and scared. Macbeth must have a
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