Importance Of Body Language In Communication Essay

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Importance of body language in communication
one means of communication is the use of body language. Boy language can send signals stronger than verbally spoken words. Our subconscious controlled our body language so the receiver can judge you by your actions and predict the difference between what you are thinking and saying. Your body language must be according to your words. For this one has to practice more (Body Language - an important element of communication skills).
Body language can be defined as the communication lacking words. It assigns meaning to one’s talk. All the signals a person pass in a communication are not intentionally chosen or picked up. Body language or nonverbal communication is subtle, complex, and multichannel.
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Eye movements and facial expressions are of much importance in conveying your emotions and feelings. The smile on one 's face reflects happiness and confidence. While in meeting eye contact is very important because it builds a good image on others. If you are facing all people in a meeting with your eyes you will fail to leave your impact on them. There must be ups and down in your voice to stress on your topic. Your voice must be according to your topic. Good posture reflects your verbal language too. Your weight must be equally balanced on your feet. Stand straight while speaking to an audience. Your body posture will be different according to your mood i.e., happy or sad (Body Language - an important element of communication…show more content…
Every religion has its own rituals presented by different body gestures. When we saw someone from a distance and smile then our nonverbal communication speaks that we like this person or he is known to us. Waving our hands is another body gestures used to say goodbye to someone. Similarly, shaking or nodding our heads symbolize that we refuse or accept when someone tells something or offers something to us. Verbal and nonverbal communication has combined effect on contradiction, complementing reinforcement, substitution, and emphasizing (The Importance Of A Non-Verbal Communication

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