Summary: The Importance Of Brakes

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Brakes are used to slow down or stop the vehicle. Most brakes commonly use friction between two surfaces pressed together to convert the kinetic energy of the moving object into heat, though other methods of energy conversion may be employed. Hydraulic brakes are generally used in automobiles, where brakes are applied by pressure on a fluid. Mechanical brakes are also used in some vehicles. These brakes are operated by means of leavers, linkages, pedals, cams, etc. Hand brake or parking brake is usually a mechanical brake. These are used for parking the vehicles on sloppy surfaces and also in case of emergency. Brakes are generally applied to rotating axles or wheels, but may also take other forms such as the surface of a moving fluid (flaps deployed into water or air). Some vehicles use a combination of braking mechanisms, such as drag racing cars with both wheel brakes and a parachute, or airplanes with both wheel…show more content…
Being able to slow down or stop at a moments notice will help to avoid an incident or accident. Improperly working brakes will not do the job they are designed to do and will not be as effective when needed, especially in a panic stop situation.
Brakes should be regularly inspected, we recommend having your trusted repair facility regularly test drive the vehicle to see how the brake system functions. Then also perform an actual visual inspection, measuring pad and shoe thickness, check for even wear of the pads and shoes, check rotors for run out and hot spots, check hardware to make sure it is working properly and that it is adjusted properly. Make sure the wheel cylinders, brake lines and brake master cylinder are not leaking, inspect calipers for wear, free movement and fluid leaks, and check the level and condition of the brake fluid. Inspect for proper routing and placement of the brake and antilock brake

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