Cuban Breakfast History

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Who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of fresh pancakes cooking and the sound of them sizzling while your mouth waters imagining the taste of them as they drown in maple syrup? Most Americans love that, as it is known as the most common breakfast food alongside the famous bacon and eggs. Americans love breakfast food so much to the point where it is sometimes eaten for every meal. But, it wasn’t always this way, because even just a century ago, the average breakfast consisted of something simple like a slice of toast and coffee. So, what changed? Well after Edward Bernays was influenced by the work of his famous uncle, Sigmund Freud, he was hired by a bacon manufacturer to boost their sales. Bernays began promoting bacon and eggs as the American…show more content…
However, unlike some other countries, French breakfasts are typically consisting of sweet pastries, such as tartines, which are slices of baguette, a french bread, that are spread with butter, jam or chocolate paste. The tartines are also sometimes dipped into the hot drink that they are drinking, similar to something you would find during a Cuban breakfast. Brioches and other pastries such as croissants and pains aux raisins, a kind of spiral pastry that is also called an escargot are also traditional, but are often saved for special occasions. Other products are also eaten and are becoming more popular to be eaten are fruit compotes, yogurts and fromage blanc, a creamy, white…show more content…
In Turkish cuisine, a typical breakfast consists of bread, a popular one being simit, which is similar to a bagel, and poğaça, a type of bread that is baked in the ashes of a fireplace, and then finished in the oven. Along with the breads, olives, eggs, vegetables, butter, jam, honey, cheeses and kaymak, which is a creamy dairy product made from the milk of water buffalos, cows, sheep or goats are also eaten. Sucuk, a spicy Turkish sausage is also eaten at breakfast along with other meats such as pastirma. The meal doesn’t stop there various soups like çorba are also very common and traditional for a Turkish breakfast along with a simple chicken soup, lentil soup, and a tarhana soup, which is a Turkish cereal food that is made from flour yogurt and vegetables that are fermented and then dried, which are then consumed as a soup by mixing it with stock or water. The foods are plentiful at a Turkish breakfast, and it all ends with a warm cup of tea or coffee, as the Turkish word for breakfast, kahvaltı, means "before coffee.” But, after the First World War and during the Ottoman Empire, Turkey lost its coffee-producing territories, which is why tea has replaced coffee as the hot drink after
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