Importance Of Buddhism And Environment Essay

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Buddhism and Environment (Figure 1) Comparing to hundred years ago, today the natural resources of the world are gradually depleting due to the increase in population and drastic developmental activities. Especially in the developed countries technology has become the backbone to a greater extent. Human activities are the main causes of destruction of nature which also affects happiness and sustainability of life on mother Earth. Degradation of nature and natural wealth are due to unlimited exploitation and carelessness. Although education has helped to understand the problems, there is an immediate need to be responsible towards conserving and preserving the environment. It is time to act as majority of the earth’s species might become endangered. Lama (1987,p.5) However different religion are contributing to nurture the environment, such as Christian, Islam, Hindu and Buddhists through their own beliefs. This essay will attempt to explain the four elements and basic teachings related to Buddhism in particular. Contradiction as to which religion has more concern for the environment than the rest still exists, though within each belief environment is a priority for the people, Christians believe that god created the world therefore, a method to depict Love to God is to care for the environment. Sharma and Patel (n.d p.131) Being mindful of the needs of current and future generations is an

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