Importance Of Bureaucracy

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INTRODUCTION Management gives you an in-depth understanding of organisational behaviour and structure with training for creative and critical thinking for various reasons such as problems and the ability to relate and motivate while managing others. Effective management is an important part for organisations in today’s business world as it enables them to continuing thriving. There are a few theories of management existing today. Here in this essay, I will discuss about Bureaucracy and why it’s considered to no longer be applicable in today’s business environment. By first, giving a brief history on Bureaucracy, its definition and explaining how it works, then going through its features and how it works in a business context along with its pros and cons. I will also be bringing in different views on the capability of Bureaucracy and arguments against each. Finally, ending it with the conclusion on this discussion. DEFINITION The word ‘Bureaucracy’ fuses together the French word ‘bureau’ meaning desk/office with the Greek word ‘kantos’ which means dominion/power/strength. Bureaucracy first appeared around the 18th Century with reference…show more content…
However, bureaucracy also no longer suits our ever-changing market. Just as everyone has chosen different sides, each think theirs is the right way. With bureaucracy, we take the same approach. Bureaucracy can be efficient in the right environment hence both sides are validated. Many would remodel the bureaucratic way but that isn’t really the pure ‘ideal’ model Weber promoted. Perhaps just as Green wagers, bureaucracy will still take place contrary to popular denial. Theories will continue to throw their opinions; managers will support whichever cause and employees will do the same. Nonetheless, whether bureaucracy will continue into the future or some event eradicates it, only time will
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