Importance Of Business Efficiency In Business

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Business efficiency is a scientific category of Microeconomic and macro economy generally. It is the goal that all economists aim with the purpose that they will gain the highest profit with the lowest cost, to expand their businesses, will occupy the market and want to improve reputation and its brand in the market.
Firstly, business efficiency reflects the ability to use the resources of the enterprise.
"Economic textbook" of P.Samuelson and W.Nordhaus wrote: "The effect that is used the most effectiveness of the economy 's resources to satisfy the demand of human 's desire", economist Prof. N.GREGORY MANKIW of Harvard University in his book "Principles of economics" that "Efficiency means that society obtained the highest results from its scarce resources." Also, agree with this opinion, economic dictionary of Manfred Kuhn wrote, "The efficiency is determined by taking the result by calculating the unit value divided the business cost".
Secondly, business efficiency of the enterprise must demonstrate both qualitative and quantitative.
To understand the real nature of the economic efficiency of business activities, we must distinguish the boundary between the two concepts it is efficiency and the result of business activities. The two concepts are sometimes understood in the same way, in fact, their difference is quite large. We can understand the result of business activities of the enterprise is what business achieved after a process of activities, which they have put
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