Importance Of Business Writing

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Business communication is a process where both the employer and the employees in a company share and exchange information. Be it the corporate world or the education arena, priority is given to ‘speaking’ correct English. People in these fields have understood that communication skills mean speaking skills. Most people think that writing skills are not essential for effective communication. But that is not the truth. Writing skill is also an important part of communication.
Business Writing
Business writing is the transmission of ideas and information through the written mode. Big and small companies exchange information with suppliers, customers, government departments etc. Documents like enquiries, acknowledgement, orders, requisition and complaints are communicated internally and externally in an organisation.
Business writing is vital to a company because it is an inexpensive and convenient means of communication. It provides information that can furnish the evidence for transactions and record for further reference. The written word is uncompromising: we have to get it right, says Fiona Talbot, in the book Executive Writing Skills for Managers.
Professional Writing
Professional writing should be appropriate to the situation and build corporate relations. When the writing is bad, it slows down the process of communication, causes confusion between the sender and receiver and damages the image of the company. When the business documents are long, it
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