Csr In China Case Study

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1. CSR Standards and Guidelines
Global supply chains play an important role in CSR in China. Multinational companies have responsible CSR standards and guidelines and vendor conduct codes, which have been instrumental in introduction of CSR in China. There were challenges to these. Evidence to this is American Businesses in China. The ethical standard of American companies is that the interests of the company come first and that any employee of a company, by the fact that he has become an employee of that company, has an ethical obligation to place the business interests of the company ahead of any personal interest. What Americans view as corruption is normal, natural and ethical process for Chinese. Chinese find the American way of seeing business relations on a purely financial basis as unnatural. Insisting that Chinese employees follow American principles further undermines loyalty to the company. Loyalty to the suppliers and others intensifies and loyalty to the company is declines. Measures were introduced to deal with this. There has been a strong voice calling for China's own responsible production standards, particularly with regard to labour standards. Some suppliers of textile and apparel industries have tried gain leverage against foreign standards by forming associations and creating their own standards. The prominent example is CSC9000T. It provides guidelines in the areas of management system, employment contract, child workers, forced or compulsory labour, working hours, wages and welfare, trade unions and collective bargaining,
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CRS Organizations, Forums and Awards
Several organizations were established recently in China to promote CSR in China. Some of those are China CSR, China CSR Map and SynTao. CSR issues are getting greater media coverage. The main print media in China like China Economic Weekly, China WTO Tribune etc periodically hold CSR forums and give CSR awards.


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