Importance Of Campus Congress

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I have been involved in Campus Congress throughout all of my high school years. I have held a number of executive positions including Lead Grade Representative, Executive Secretary, Treasurere, Vice- Speaker, and Speaker, and I have worked with Administrators to implement school reforms such as upgrading software systems, increasing internet capabilities, acquiring IPads for the library, and introducing a number of charging stations throughout the school in order to encourage students to bring their own technology to school. Campus Congress has taught me about working to represent a group of people to the best of my ability and how to collaborate with peers and adults in order to achieve maximum efficiency. The proposals I have worked on are wide-ranging, from small technological advances to large-scale curriculum investigations on block-scheduling and a new foreign language program. One specific project that has been especially complex is the issue of addressing our school’s mascot, the Indian. Throughout this year, I have worked with local tribes, politicians, and community members in order to gauge student 's thoughts and develop a correct course of action. The process has been polarizing, but it has taught me to be an effective communicator, leader, and compromiser. Overall, Campus Congress has been an integral part of my educational experience and showed me that I would enjoy working in a leadership position in the future.
2. In addition to Campus Congress, I was
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